MyTime Social

The Social Network You'll Love!

Connect you with your friends
Connect you with your friends
Creates systematic moments.
Stay connect with your loved ones
Stay connect with your loved ones.

About MyTime


MyTime social media app connects you socially without the violence and absurdity witnessed in the social media network. 


MyTime creates memorable moments to spend with your friends and family. Users will enjoy videos upload and live chatting pictures sharing and a timeline full of memories.


This app is a safer alternative to social media networks, enabling people to share moments with their family in an easier way. With this app, people can start sharing pictures, videos and telling their stories.


MyTime help you stay updated about holidays, graduations, and weddings but will go a long way in making systematic memories of your life. From getting a college degree to a job promotion, MyTime can capture it all. Social media, App, family, sharing, Video, Story, pictures, Reserved, memory. 

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Our Focus


Focus On Nice And Clean UI

MyTime Social is user-friendly and very easy to use, it has nice clean UI. The user will enjoy when using.


Our Video



  • Connect with friends and family and meet new people on My time social network


  • Share photos, videos, and your memories.


  • Get a notification when friends comment or like your posts


  • Follow and unfollow users


  • Status update


  • Search the network for friends

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